My new Legend Cub!

By Tony Kasabasich
I own a company that builds specialized landing gear throughout the aviation industry. One of those markets is the backcountry community. So it was time to add a Super Cub to the stable.

Legend Cub is one of the many aircraft manufacturers we sell to but after a visit to their shop, I knew that’s the plane I wanted for my own. We made a deal in March and got to work. This project was an owner assist build where I needed to build 51 percent of the aircraft. This allows me to conduct my own
conditional inspections and build it my own way.

Some of the parts like the landing gear and instrument panel were built in our shop in California and shipped to Legend Aircraft in Sulphur Springs Texas for installation.

I made many trips to the factory for my owner/builder program. After 6 months we completed the build and brought in a DAR who specializes in Cubs. Inspection and first flight went smooth. No issues at all.

I returned back to Texas the last week in September after the phase 1 flying was
completed in order to fly the new plane home.

The adventure started September 27th in east Texas. Over the next 3 days we did about 7 hours a day of flight time.

We overnighted in Carlsbad, NM and Glendale, AZ. Finally reaching Paso Robles, CA to drop off my buddy Joe at his home. One last overnight at the Hastings Ranch (wonderful winery) and then a short 3 hour flight to our shop in Lincoln.

The first day in its new home was spent washing the dirt and bugs off. This was my first build and my first brand new airplane and I don’t see myself ever selling it! So excited!

Keep it simple and light-weight were my motto during the build. It came out exactly like I wanted.

This all started about 3 years ago when I started dating my girlfriend Stacey. She’s a regular at the airport and loves airplanes and flying. She goes everywhere with me. You could say this Cub is as much hers as it is mine. I wanted something she was completely comfortable and safe in. And something where each flight was an adventure we could share together. I’m truly blessed to have them both.

We also own a Grumman AA5. This plane is off to the paint shop in the coming weeks to get a matching paint job to the Cub.