President’s Corner

by Darren Coomler

Hello EAA chapter 1541 Members and Friends,

Here we are in the last quarter of 2020. This is a year I am looking forward to getting behind me.

It is starting to feel like Fall, as the temperatures have dropped and it a wonderful time to enjoy some flying! With the change of the season, I am feeling like we may soon have some changes in our chapters meeting arrangement.

The chapter Board will be meeting next week and one of our items to discuss the options and logistics of restarting in-person chapter meetings. I think all of us meeting again in person will help to feel a little bit more normal in returning to our regular routines.

As many of you may know, some areas of the chapter have continued to be active, with Dan Masys heading up the IMC Club. Monthly online member meetings are well attended, and mentoring of the Sim Team projects has continued. Our Ray Scholar is building hours and experience toward soloing. The latest item the chapter has advanced is awarding a ground school scholarship. The recipient of this award is Kevin Treehan. Kevin is a very worthy of this award as he has shown a tremendous interest in aviation with his participation on the Sim Team. Starting with this ground school and then possibly actual flight training he can enjoy flight time other than the Sim! Congratulation Kevin, keep us updated on your progress!

In the hopes that we can all start meeting at the hanger soon, I have spent some time preparing the hanger for meetings again. I rinsed off the floor, along with the season spiders that have taken over there. There was a solid layer of ash covering the hanger floor. Now that the hanger is freshly clean let’s hope that we all can get together soon!

Be well and stay safe.