President’s Corner

ATC Privatization

This month my article is short and to the point. This subject is probably the most important article I have ever written. PLEASE read the following and click on the attached links.

ATC privatization has been a subject that has been in the news a lot recently and some of us are up to date and many of us are not. Long term, this effort to privatize the ATC could have a very expensive and negative effect on general aviation users. EAA and AOPA are equally opposed to privatization for multiple reasons.

I have provided links to two “you tube” videos. The first is from “Sully” Sullenberger and is only 32 seconds long; however, it gets right to the point as to why privatization of not a good idea. Please click on this link to view:

The second video is from AOPA. This video includes a phone number that will guide you to contact your federal government representative to voice your opinion.

As you follow the above links, take the time to view several more videos on the same subject. This is very important and will have a big effect upon our flying future. Please take the time to get informed and let your congressman and senator know how you feel.