We at Lincoln EAA would love to open new opportunities to students who have an interest in aviation.

We’re going to be providing a scholarship for a six week private pilot ground school (no previous aviation experience necessary) at NorCal Flight Center at Lincoln Regional Airport. It is a comprehensive ground school that lasts 6 weeks, with only one evening a week!

This course will prepare you to learn to fly and prepare you for the FAA written exam. The course covers all essential topics of aviation, and
gives you an incredible foundation that will allow you to understand areas such as navigation, flight operations, communication, aircraft parts, and weather!

We will also pair each student up with a mentor who will be able to answer any questions you have as well as giving you advice and general aviation knowledge.

We’re aiming for one boy and one girl, 16-20 years old at the time of application submission per course. This is an ongoing scholarship that will send two new students every 3 months.

Requirements: Attend at least one Lincoln EAA event/ meeting to explain what you have gained from this experience, and what we can do to improve future scholarships.

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