KMOD March CAF Breakfast

By Mark Siemens

On March 12, 2022, an impromptu Fly-Out Group rode some very smooth air to Modesto (KMOD) for the best airport breakfast in the North State. Four airplanes and 10 people made the trip including: Bruce and Sally Estes (RV6), Tim and Meech Harrigan (BE-36), Chris Cencula and his Father (PA-24), and Jodie and I with Mike and Kathy Freeman in our 182.

The Modesto Chapter of the Commemorative Air Force (CAF) held the breakfast and boy did they put on a spread. This was the first event after a 729-day hiatus due to Covid. The CAF plans on holding a breakfast and historic aircraft display the second Saturday of each month and a lunch on the last Saturday. The facilities in the CAF Museum are very clean and comfortable. Great food, easy flight and a sign-off, I am putting them on my calendar!

I even had another surprise at the event. I found a person named Mike Siemens (same name as my older brother) working in the Museum. Through conversation and a few emails, we learned we shared a great grandfather and are cousins – small world made even smaller with aviation!

After breakfast, it was still a beautiful day. Tim Harrigan and I decided to fly to Calaveras (KCPU) on the way home for some cheap gas. I took off first and Tim engaged the 300 ponies in his Bonanza to blow by my shiny 182 in short order.

We topped off our tanks with $4.69 a gallon avgas – oh remember the days. Hope more members can join us on our next Fly-Out!