AirVenture 2021 Sightings

by chapter 1541 members

Photo by John Tate

23 ship RV fly-by. Photo by Ray McNaught

Scrappy, the star bushplane of AirVenture 2021

Ray McNaught meets Mike Patey, Scrappy’s builder

Stephanie Tate visits John’s day job office on the way there

Dick Rupe compares himself to one Corsair prop blade

Ray Scholar Amy Whelan is interviewed at the EAA museum. Full story at:

Ray’s favorite aircraft type, and there are lots of them!

Bruce and Sally Estes at the airshow

Hays, Schwartz, and Rupe pose with a stylish flying go-kart. Just add parachute.

Some warbirds have more than one set of wings

And some don’t even have a propeller

The VoloCity electric air taxi debuts. Todd wants one

Rotorwing kindred spirits: Ken wants one

An idyllic seaplane base campsite with yellow AirCam

Not yer average floatplane. Wrestling a Beech 18 to its idyllic campsite.

Ray meets Jeff Simon and the SocialFlight crew

Even the Luftwaffe is here. But this time, they’re friendlies.

Tres Amigos plus One: Todd Hanson, Ken Schwartz, Dick Rupe and Brett Hays prove there’s more to OSH than airplanes

Bruce and Sally agree