Interview with a First Time AirVenture Visitor

As told to Bruce Estes by George Hardin

Bruce: George, what was your first impression of Airventure?

George: The sheer size of Airventure. Miles prior to the Airventure gate, you see traffic cones directing the traffic. As you first see the Airport grounds, you see hundreds of airplanes. Then you round a corner and see hundreds more airplanes. It goes on forever. Also, I quickly realized that Airventure is not just for Experimental Airplanes. Everything is represented at Airventure.

Bruce: George, how did you get to Airventure?

George: I flew Southwest to Milwaukee, and then took a rental car with others to the house that we rented in Oshkosh.

Bruce: George, what did you think about the airshows?

George: I have seen airshows previously, but never like Airventure. I watched a biplane and twin engine airplane simultaneously doing maneuvers, but soon realized that in addition to the internal combustion engines, both airplanes also had jet engines for incredible amounts of additional thrust. The vertical was amazing.

Bruce: George- did you get a chance to look at the schedule for the forums?

George: Yes, it was pretty amazing. There is something for everybody.

Bruce: George, any additional thoughts?

George: Yes, everyone had a smile on their face and was enthusiastic about aviation. And the background of the visitors was very broad- pilots, builders, non-pilots, etc.

You should be in reasonable good shape because the grounds are so big and there is so much to see. You will never see it all so that is a great reason to return. 3-4 days at Airventure is probably enough.