President’s Corner

by Darren Coomler

Welcome Chapter 1541 Members and Friends,

Hello all. Well here we are in February, and it feels like May. I find myself outside enjoying the warmer days and envisioning some flying adventures I’d like to try this year. I’m excited to inform all of you that we are going to restart our chapter’s face-to-face meetings at the hangar since the state is lifting the mask mandate in a few days. We will start with our February 19th Saturday pancake breakfast. Along with the breakfast we will be offering Young Eagles flights. If you are interested in having your child take a flight, check in at the greeting table and we can get you signed up.

As mentioned in previous President messages, each month this year will have a theme. This month’s theme is “Airport Safety”. Everyone that has flown more than an hour has probably experienced a situation that was not by the book. Unlike driving we don’t have defined lines in the air that we need to stay in and I’ve yet to see turn signals on an airplane. If you have had an unexpected experience in the air or on the ground that has changed how you fly, be ready to share your experience as I will be asking you to share at the pancake breakfast, and we may have time to share during our February 16th Member Meeting. This month Mary Wick will be our presenter on Airport Safety, if her schedule allows. Don’t miss it as I think this will be a learning experience for all pilots.

As I do on all of my messages, I encourage you to join in to the IMC/VMC meetings the first Thursday of each month. Its one of the best hour’s worth of flight learning around.

As we are commencing with our face-to-face meetings, we can use some help with these chapter events. Set up and teardown is always needed along with help cooking and assisting with the flight simulator operations.
I have noticed many new name tags on the hangar white board, Please pick them up and wear them proudly, since it also helps me know what your name is. Lastly, make sure you have paid your 2022-chapter dues as they will be increasing March 1st.

Look forward to seeing you all soon,