Volunteers for the Young Eagles rally on May 4th

We have the Young Eagles rally coming up on May 4th, and we need more volunteers, both pilots and ground crew:

  • We need people willing to be on site from 07:00 until 15:00 for consistency.
  • We need a set-up crew of 6-8 people at the EAA hangar at 07:00 to move material to the Gazebo area and set up the Young Eagle Rally site.
  • We need ramp escort teams to move Young Eagles and families on and off the ramp from the aircraft.
  • We need a ramp attendants to control access to the ramp.
  • We need attendants at the Kiddie Plane to help kids in and out and answer questions.
  • We need some friendly faces to answer questions and help parents enjoy their time at the airport.
  • We need a break-down crew to move material from the Gazebo area back to the chapter hangar at 14:00.

Volunteer requirements are also listed here.

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