Ray Scholarship Update

by Shirl Whelan
This is the great news I received from EAA:

“Congratulations! EAA chapter 1541 has been approved for a 2020 Ray Aviation Scholarship! Due to your chapter’s dedication to EAA, youth engagement, and the wonderful application submitted, EAA and the Ray Aviation Scholarship Review Committee is excited to have your chapter onboard in 2020!”

As a board and scholarship committee we chose to put the selection of the next Ray Scholar on hold until after our first Ray Scholar, Amy Whelan completed her successful training. This allowed us to focus on mentoring Amy and develop a plan for our next Ray Scholar. We were also hoping to have the gathering restrictions lifted and be able to come together to celebrate the completion of Amy’s training and announce our new 2020 Ray
Scholar in person. Unfortunately, restrictions for gatherings in Placer County continue and in an effort to keep our membership safe we will not have an in person gathering to announce our next Ray Scholar but instead we will reveal our selection here.


Our chapter’s second Ray Scholar: Hannah

Chapter 1541 is excited to announce that Hannah Treehan has been selected for our 2020 Ray Aviation Scholarship. Hannah will be receiving a grant sponsored by EAA and the Ray Aviation Foundation for $10,000 towards the cost of earning her Private Pilot Certificate.

Chapter 1541 will be responsible for administering the funds and mentoring her throughout her flight instruction. Hannah has put in many hours on the SIM project and will continue to be involved in our chapter by being on the SIM team and volunteering her time as needed for future meetings and events when we are allowed to get back together again.

The Ray Aviation Scholarship is a $10,000 grant sponsored by EAA and the Ray Aviation Foundation. It is paid in three installments based on milestones. The initial $4000 installment is paid after approval of the scholar application and grant agreement. The second $4000 installment is paid after the scholar solos. The final $2000 installment is paid after the scholar passes the FAA written exam. The scholar is given one year to complete their training. The training timeline includes completing their first solo within three months, completing FAA written within six months, and passing the FAA check ride within 12 months.

Hannah is doing her training with The Spitfire Flight School and Mary Wick as her flight instructor. Mary is one of our long time supportive members and is looking forward to being on the mentoring side of such an important scholarship. Mary has had the privilege of receiving not one, but two scholarships that helped her achieve her goals and she will use this experience to train and mentor Hannah.

Please join in congratulating Hannah and wishing her well in her training!