Donations, Donations, Donations

EAA Chapter 1541 has received almost $10,000 in merchandise donations in the last twelve months.

Some of these items are:

  • A partially built Skybolt biplane kit
  • Lexus automobile
  • Plywood
  • Coin operated soda dispenser
  • 24’ travel trailer
  • Aviation instruments from donors that upgraded their panels
  • Large flat screen TV

Most of these donations came from non-members. EAA 1541 received $9,860 from selling these items. This money is specifically going into our hangar fund. So, if you have items or know of someone that has items that we can sell, please contact me. The donor gets a tax deduction and we get the opportunity to make more money for our hangar purchase. Please help. Thanks, Bruce Estes, 650 504-4464