Editor’s Corner

Welcome to your new, monthly EAA Chapter 1541 electronic Newsletter.

Publishing a monthly newsletter was one of the final actions taken by the 2015 Chapter Board of Directors at their December meeting. The goals of the newsletter are to provide a means to update members about Club activities, and to provide a forum for ideas on all things concerning our passion – aviation.

Newsletters do not replace websites, but are additive to it. A website is typically “outward-looking”, i.e. it provides information to those interested in the mission of the organization, whether members or non-members. A newsletter is “inward-looking” in that it is written exclusively for the organization’s members and is usually more topical, i.e. what’s happened in the recent past, what’s happening now, and what’s happening in the immediate future.

We want this to be YOUR newsletter, and for that we need YOU! We see a standard set of monthly articles (President’s Corner, CFI Corner, a Maintenance Corner, Project of the Month, $100 Hamburger locations, etc.) plus a Calendar of Events, Things You Need to Know, and perhaps a classified section. We also want to publish your favorite pictures, and hopefully stories about your special flights. You don’t need to be a Shakespeare to contribute: It’s your story in your words!

If you have an idea for a column, let me know. If you want to contribute in a particular area, let me know. If you come across a potential story area from another chapter’s newsletter, let me know – we’re certainly not above borrowing great ideas that work elsewhere.

This effort will only succeed if it’s collaborative. We have such a great body of talent in so many areas in our Chapter. Our goal is to distribute the Newsletter during the first week of each month, immediately after the Club’s Board of Directors meeting (first Monday of the month), so if you’re going to submit something, please do so five (5) days before month’s end. The newsletter will go to all Chapter members via their submitted email addresses. If you want this changed or re-directed please contact me.

Richard Pearl
Chapter 1541 Secretary & Newsletter Editor