President’s Corner

by Darren Coomler

Hello EAA chapter 1541 Members and Friends,

Hope all of you are doing well, myself, I am enjoying the changes of the season.

With the changes in the season I’m flying in pants instead of shorts, closing the outside air vents and reaching for the heater vents. Outside the cockpit, the absence of the fire smoke allows for the wonderful view we have here in the valley. I enjoy flying high over the flooded rice fields and seeing the flocks of migrating birds moving in, just like something out of Nation Geographic.

Speaking of birds, heads up when taking off or on approach. I hit a flock of pigeons departing from Sutter Co. (O52) the other day. Fortunately, the prop took the bulk of the hit before they hit the wind shield, no damage, I however spent some time the next morning cleaning feathers from the engine.

Looking out to the remainder of the year and the chapter activities, the board has decided to postpone any in person chapter meeting until next year, pending the lowering of pandemic meeting restrictions. Less the great meals we share at the hanger, the chapter continues to increase in membership and be active through virtual meetings. With the monthly IMC club and member meetings we continue to share our passion for aviation.

It appears that we may have a COVID vaccine available early next year, let’s hope this gets us back to group airport events and sharing our aviation interests with the local community.

Safe flying and enjoy the new season.