Prop Wash – A road trip in the air

A day trip from Fair Oaks to Solvang starts with the first leg from our home – to the home of the Cessna at Lincoln Airport – and was by far the most challenging. Dealing with drivers that have no idea there are other folks who think they own the same piece of road; and think that by honking the horn that gives them the right to defend it. “Merge” means cut in front as close as you can; and slow traffic now keeps to the left. The use of turn signals is no longer in fashion. The bike lane is now a passing lane for those who wish to turn right in two blocks. The crosswalks are now moved to the middle of the block and are unmarked.

I am so thankful for the rules and guidelines for air traffic. Most pilots follow the rules and use good judgement. There are no traffic lights or signs to guide you. It’s just BEST IF USED BY ALL that keeps us safe. Just following the rules and informing others of your intentions keeps the stress level at a minimum. Pilots are generally friendly and happy. They will politely give way to any traffic. A powered parachute or a Lear jet in the pattern show the same courtesy to each other. Neither your mother or any traffic cop is watching to see that you do the right thing. You were taught the right way to operate an aircraft and we all benefit from that education. It’s a respect for the other pilots no matter what they are in command of that makes the air much safer that the roadways.

Now that we finally got to the airport, we can leave the horn honking and fist shaking behind. Stay tuned for the rest of the story….