McClellan (KMCC) overnight runway closure

Please be advised that beginning Monday, October 9th 2017 both runways 16 & 34 at KMCC will be closed from the hours of 20:00 hours thru 09:00 hours daily for an estimated period of 26 days. The closure is to facilitate a complete remarking of both runways to bring them into current FAA advisory circular standards. During these days and specified closure hours the runways will be marked as closed using low profile barricades on taxiways, airport construction warning lights and lighted “X” equipment indicating the closure. The runways will re‐open daily between the hours of 09:00 hours thru 20:00 hours. Please use caution when operating on the airport during the open hours of operation as some markings may not be in place as the project is underway. NOTAMs will be issued during that time to indicate any markings that are not in place as well as a recording placed on the AWOS indicating the hours and dates of the closure.