Going to Petaluma for Lunch

It looks like a nice day for flying so a number of guys, and maybe gals, from the chapter are going to fly over to Petaluma (O69) for lunch. We plan to meet at the Petaluma airport in front of the Two Niner Diner at 11:00 this morning, today, Saturday.

For those interested, you can find O69 if you fly 223 magnetic from LHM for 71 nm. It is located south of Santa Rosa and north of the bay. Normal landing runway is 29, right traffic, and if you do land on 29 and exit on the third taxiway and proceed straight onto the ramp, the Two Niner Diner is located in that vicinity, according to Google Maps.

Probably crowded at the popular restaurant for lunch on a Saturday, so bring your patience along too.

Again, it should be a very nice day for such a flight once the morning fog, if any, burns off. Exercise the freedom of flight and enjoy.

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