Aviation Summer Camp a success

As many of you may know, our chapter provided support to the City of Lincoln’s Recreation Department by hosting a specialty Aviation Summer Camp this past week. It was held Monday through Friday each afternoon, with seven kids from the Lincoln community attending. The camp was organized and run by chapter members Dan and Linda Masys, with the able assistance of Bruce Estes, Dug Smith, and Amy Whelan. By all accounts it was a energized and successful week for the camp attendees. Each of the five days had a theme: Monday was airport tour day; Tuesday was fixed wing day; Wednesday was rotorcraft/gyroplane day; Thursday was lighter-than-air day; and the week culminated in Young Eagle flights for the participants on Friday. The camp was held at our chapter hangar; the week started off on the hot side temperature-wise but, fortunately for all, cooled down a bit as the week went on. Thank you to the five volunteers from the chapter that made the week a success.

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