The May chapter meeting is online tomorrow

Our monthly chapter meeting will begin at 18:30 this Wednesday, May 20th. You can join online several ways:

1. Click this link:
If you have an iPad, tablet, or recent vintage laptop with a built in camera you can join with both audio and video (your choice — speaking and participating with your video not required). The first time you join a Webex online meeting your computer will prompt you to download an app that gives you sound and picture controls.

2. If you want to get the visuals from the link above, but your internet connection is slow, you can get the real time audio by calling: 408-418-9388 and then entering the meeting number (access code) on your phone’s keypad: 625 516 868 (do that in addition to clicking the link above on your computer or tablet). You can also make a comment or ask a question during the open mic parts of the meeting using your phone.

Our program this month is entitled “How much does hypoxia affect pilot performance?“, given by Dr. Dan Masys. Every pilot knows that the air gets thinner the higher you go, and every pilot knows hypoxia can affect their ability to think clearly. But how much hypoxia is needed to cause bad things to happen, and when is flying at high altitudes really no big deal? Tune in to find out. The answers may surprise you.

Hope to see you there for our “Hollywood Squares” style online get-together.

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