Membership meeting Wednesday 15th

The chapter meetings for January and February will be held at Cattlemens Restaurant, 2000 Taylor Road, Roseville. As many will recall, last year’s hangar meetings at this time were unbelievably chilly, and some may still be dealing with the effects of frostbite as a result!! The 2013 Christmas Party at Cattlemens was a huge success, and the restaurant stepped up to the challenge of serving a large group. Our new President and Vice President, along with others, have taken pity on us, and decided to move the meeting to one of the restaurant’s many ‘conference rooms’.

They can serve a group as large as ours, but you are not required to come for dinner. The meeting will start at 19:00, as usual, and if you wish to have dinner you can show up at 18:30. Cattlemens has also promised a selection for vegetarians. Guests are welcomed and encouraged!!

Membership dues are now due, and Treasurer Ken Schwartz will be ready to receive cash or check.

Stop press:
Cattlemens is also offering, as a special to EAA Chapter 1541, a Top Sirloin Steak Dinner for $9.99!!