Multiple TFRs Over California June 13-16

The FAA is stepping up its outreach effort to help general aviation pilots become aware of upcoming airspace restrictions. Pilot Deviations caused by inadvertently straying into TFRs are far too common and become extremely expensive to the taxpayers when military intercept aircraft are launched to identify and escort the intruding aircraft away.

FAA radar may not locate your aircraft precisely in the same spot your onboard navigation system does, it’s wise to give all TFR boundaries a wide berth. Additionally, if possible, always monitor 121.50 mHz in addition to normal Air Traffic Control frequencies. If an aircraft begins to stray toward a TFR, ATC will normally broadcast a warning on the emergency frequency prior to calling for aircraft intercept.

The President has planned a 4-day trip to California and it will involve establishing numerous Temporary Flight Restrictions Areas (TFRs) some of which will be complex, lengthy, and be moving throughout the 4-day trip. You’ll be able to fly through some of these, others you won’t. Some affected airports may have “gateways” established allowing you to clear security prior to heading toward your impacted destination.

Because the Secret Service will not provide advance information on the specific times and locations, expect the TFRs to be primarily over the major cities of Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, and Palm Springs, but pay attention because other locations may be added on short notice.

Please refer to the following TFR Alert for information on how to operate your aircraft around these TFRs:
TFR Alert Bulletin