Xmas party tomorrow!

The time has come for our party! Here’s the address for those that don’t have it:
Beermann’s, 645 5th Street, Lincoln 95648

The party starts at 18:00. You can come a little early if you want. A short meeting at 18:30, followed by dinner at 19:00. So please be seated by 18:30… When everyone is finished eating then Danny and his band will start rocking the house! You’re really going to enjoy this – we are going to remove the front couple of tables for dancing so if you sit up there be prepared to move. If you want it a little quieter, sit at the back tables. There is a balcony upstairs where you can go sit and enjoy the music as well. There will be an open bar and a pool table.

Ken, Danny and others have worked hard to bring you this dinner and hope you all enjoy yourselves.