“Safety Stand Down” at Lincoln on Thursday, May 30

Greetings, Fellow Aviation Enthusiasts!

The 2013 FAA Safety Stand Down will begin at 6:30 pm, Thursday, May 30 at the Lincoln Regional Airport. This year’s session highlights the top causes of General Aviation fatalities, Human Errors and Loss of Control. In order to assure an engaging and thorough discussion of the featured accident report studies we’ve assembled an incredible panel of knowledgeable aviation professionals. You’ll find renown flight instructor, Air Force aviator, and air show performer Lt Col Tim Decker; and pilot and 30 year veteran Aviation Medical Examiner (22 years as Chief Flight Surgeon and Chief of Aerospace Medicine for the United States Air Force), Dr. Tom Hankins. (Other professionals are on tap to participate as well but I won’t reveal their names until they’re confirmed!) Please come join your fellow aviation enthusiasts and professionals at this casual yet educational forum.

Details of this event can be found at FAASafety.gov. Please follow this (somewhat lengthy) link to preregister your attendance and receive credit through the FAA “WINGS” Pilot Proficiency Program

We’ll begin at 6:30 pm in the hangar at 1880 Flightline Drive, Suite 2 near the north end of the street. Follow the signs and, for easiest access, enter from Flightline Drive. Our plan is to be complete around 9:00 pm. Refreshments and light snacks will be provided

If you’re running late, come anyway! If you didn’t preregister, come anyway! The important act is to be there and become more aware of factors that contribute to more General Aviation fatal accidents than any others.

Please forward this email along to those you believe may be interested …. safety is meant to be shared!


Corl Leach
FAASafety Team Representative