CAL FIRE – An Insight to Fighting Fires From the Sky

Topic: Ever wondered about what takes place during aerial firefighting? Join us to learn how these operations affect you.
On Saturday, March 20, 2021 at 12:00 Pacific Daylight Time (13:00 MDT, 14:00 CDT, 15:00 EDT, 09:00 HST, 11:00 AKDT, 12:00 Arizona, 19:00 GMT)

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CAL FIRE is the leading aerial firefighting force, protecting California and neighboring states through major fire-seasons. Aviation is an integral part of what makes CalFire successful, with hundreds of aircraft and pilots, it takes a team to ensure people are safe.

San Carlos Flight Center invites Chief of CAL FIRE Flight Operations Stu Sprung to provide an insight of their daily operations, a summary of the types of aircraft used, and a description of the various mission profiles flown in fire areas. In this seminar, Stu will detail the typical flight operations that are active around TFR’s and the “Fire Traffic Area”. He will share observations about typical conflicts between CAL FIRE and GA aircraft and provide recommendations to mitigate them. With rapidly growing wildfires, it’s imperative that GA pilots understand the activities that take place in fire operations so they can remain well clear.

If you have ever wanted to gain an insight into the aerial firefighting operations of CAL FIRE and how it pertains to you; don’t miss out on this seminar.

Stu Sprung is the Chief of Flight Operations for CAL FIRE. CAL FIRE is the second-largest fire department in the United States, with the largest dedicated aerial firefighting fleet in the world with over 70 aircraft. Stu primarily flies the C-130H Hercules, UH-1H Super Huey, and OV-10A Bronco.

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