Saturday 2nd February flyout

The RVators have a fly out:
“This Saturday we are planning a trip to Columbia, and so far the weather is looking really good!! Last time we went we had a great time down there!! The Plan is to meet on the ramp in Columbia at 11:00, I am planning wheels off in Auburn at 10:30 if anyone wants to meet there, if not we will be using 122.75 in the air.”

Saturday 19th January flyout

The RVators have a fly out:
“Ok, the weather looks great for tomorrow and at this point it’s a go. Yes, there will be a lot of people down there and that’s why we must be tied down and walking to lunch by 11:00am. We may not be able to sit together, but that’s the way it goes.
But wait! ,we do have a reservation!. Same restaurant as last time.
Our reservation is for 11:15 tomorrow at the Half Moon Bay Brewing Company. I said 15-20 people-
it will be in the back room again.
Remember watch the class Bravo Airspace on the way in and out, and break your group up before you land- per Half Moon Bay operations_ Scott.- or you get the nasty gram!
After you land, taxi all the way to the south parking area.
Mike and I still need your cell #’s , so we may have future group text messages for last minute changes.
Fly Safe – See you tomorrow!
Bonus! Fuel price tomorrow at KLHM is $4.69 per gallon! Stop on the way home!
AWOS-3 127.275
CTAF 122.8
Appr, Dep 135.1,135.1″

08:00 -12:00 Lincoln Aircraft Display Day at KLHM, displaying aircraft of historical significance
100LL is on sale for $4.69