FAA Safety Team meeting in Redding, May 10th

Electronic Flight Information Systems
Topic: Electronic Flight Information Systems
On Saturday, May 10, 2014 at 10:00 AM
Hillside Aviation Hangar
2600 Gold Street
Redding, CA 96001

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Learn about the technology that makes electronic flight information systems affordable and practical for small general aviation aircraft. A better understanding of the internal workings of these instruments will illustrate how they offer reliability, affordable redundancy, and greater capability than venerable analog flight instruments. Pilots of even 2-seat VFR aircraft will learn how they can improve safety and situational awareness by making use of the latest in Glass Panel avionics. Pilots of IFR aircraft will learn how to achieve more capability and greater redundancy at lower cost. Learn not only the benefits of this technology, but also the safety and training issues relevant in making the transition from traditional analog instruments to glass panel.

To view further details and registration information for this seminar, click here.

EAA Chapter vs. Chapter Aircraft Competition at the Golden West Air Show

The Golden West Air Show will again be sponsoring the EAA Chapter vs. Chapter Aircraft Competition at Marysville (KMYV) on Sunday, June 8. The event is open to all EAA Chapters, and is being organized and conducted solely by EAA volunteers.

The format for the Golden West Air Show will change this year with Aerobatic Performers flying on Saturday only. Sunday will be a display day that is open to the public, and will allow our competition to expand the level of activities. In addition to the traditional aircraft judging, there will be a Spot Landing and Bomb Drop contest. The Chapter with the highest point total (including Bomb Drop and Spot Landing) will be declared the winner.

The winning Chapter will be awarded a 1st Place Photo/Plaque plus Prize Money, which has been increased to $300 for 2014. Each Competitor (and their passengers) will receive a Sunday breakfast voucher and Airshow passes for the day, all courtesy of Golden West. A Sunday Fly-Out with a free breakfast and a possible fund raiser for your Chapter?…..Sounds like a winner to me!

This year’s contest will include 4 judged entrants per Chapter: 3 Homebuilts and 1 Antique thru Contemporary (1970 or earlier production aircraft). If they so choose, each Chapter will be allowed one additional non-judged entrant (of any year make or model) to compete in the flight contests, for a possible total of 5 entered aircraft. Note that the flight competition will involve a total of 2 aircraft from each Chapter (details later).

Additional judging points will be awarded for

  1. the greatest variety of aircraft entered
  2. the oldest homebuilt (no repeat from 2013)
  3. the oldest Antique/Classic (no repeat from 2013)
  4. the oldest participating pilot (no repeat from 2013)
  5. the youngest participating pilot (no repeat from 2013)

The “no repeats” can still enter the competition but will not receive any bonus points. Sunday’s event should conclude by 13:30.

Each Chapter can enter 2 aircraft into the flight competition. If they so choose, a Chapter will be allowed to enter one additional non-judged aircraft to compete in the flight contests, for a total of 5 entered aircraft. This aircraft need not be a Homebuilt or Classic/Antique (ie. A 1995 Cessna 172 would qualify). The only restriction is that flight competition aircraft must be LSA or larger. Gyrocopters and helicopters need not apply! Points from the Flying Competition will be added to the point total for the Aircraft Judging to determine the overall winning Chapter.

Spot Landing Contest.
A Chapter may enter 2 aircraft, each allowed to perform one spot landing. A touchdown stripe will be marked on the runway surface. Competing aircraft will fly downwind, base, and final approach from standard pattern altitude. Points will be awarded to the top 4 Competitors for the closest landing on or beyond the designated stripe. Touchdown will be determined when both main gear are firmly in contact with the runway. If the aircraft “skips”, measurement will be taken from the furthest point of touchdown.
The landing may be accomplished at the pilot’s discretion using power, flaps, slips, etc. as necessary, providing the approach and landing is accomplished in a safe manner. No points will be awarded for landing before the stripe or for flying that is deemed unsafe. Contestants must coordinate their landing attempt with the appropriate Judge prior to takeoff.

Flour Bomb Drop
A Chapter may enter 1 aircraft to perform one bomb drop. A garbage can located on the West side of the runway will be the designated target. Competing aircraft will be supplied one “flour bomb” which will consist of a paper lunch bag containing approximately 2” of flour. The bomb run will be conducted by flying a downwind, base, and final approach from standard pattern altitude, with a “bomb release” altitude of 400’ AGL. Points will be awarded to the top 3 Competitors for the bomb landing closest to the garbage can. No points will be awarded if the release altitude is determined to be lower than 400” AGL or for flying which is deemed unsafe. Contestants must coordinate their bomb run with the appropriate Judge prior to takeoff. (I’ve been told the safest place to be during this contest is “in” the garbage can!)

FAA Safety Team meeting in Vacaville, April 30th

Local safety meeting for pilots to discuss LOCAL safety issues
Topic: Share your opinion and meet with local pilots to talk about your local safety issues
On Wednesday, April 30, 2014 at 9:30 AM
Wings Flight School
301 County Airport Road
Suite 105
Vacaville, CA 95688

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Come spend 30-45 minutes with the other pilots that fly in and around your airport. ATP, Master Instructor and Lead FAA Safety Team Rep, Gary Reeves will lead an open and interactive short meeting asking what your local safety issues are and how you and others can help. This is your chance to share your opinions!

To view further details and registration information for this seminar, click here.

Saturday Flyout

The RVators have a flyout on April 19th:

“This Saturday we are planning on flying to Oakdale for the Oakdale annual spot landing contest. I have added all the info for anyone that wants to compete. Get there anytime you want, and stay as long as you want. We hope to see you there!

April 19, 2013
9:00am Breakfast – Optional
10:00am Safety Briefing – Mandatory
10:15am Spot Landing contest
12:00pm BBQ Lunch
1:30pm Presentation of trophies, chapter Precision Pilot plaque award

$20 Entry fee includes BBQ Lunch
$5 Lunch for non-contestants

Videos of landings will be shown during lunch

Spot Landing Contest Rules

  1. All contestants must attend safety briefing at 10am.
  2. Target line across runway will be marked with 6 inch tape.
  3. Line to be displaced at least 500 feet from runway threshold.
  4. Contestants are not to change flap settings after turn to final.
  5. Touchdown before line, contestant will be disqualified.
  6. Distance to be measured from target line to the first touchdown point with no bounce. Contestant will then make a touch and go for second chance, however total distance will be cumulative.
  7. Only two aircraft of similar performance allowed in traffic pattern at the same time.
  8. All transient aircraft have right of way.
  9. Judges decisions are final: No whining!
  10. Be Safe – fly the airplane at all times!

April Chapter Meeting

Next week, April 16, will mark the first BBQ / Meeting for the year! It will be located at Richard Bristow’s hanger, T-5. It’s the very last hangar at the far north end of the airport, close to the runway. The BBQ starts at 18:00, and the meeting at 19:00. The BBQ is $6.

Guest speaker will be Corl Leach, hitting on topics near & dear to us… the future of KLHM!!

Additional hot Spring deals for this BBQ:

$20 buys you a meal ticket and shirt
$15 buys you a meal ticket and cap or a cup

*Early volunteer help is always appreciated!

Saturday April 19 – FAASafety Team Seminar, 13:00 to 15:00 at KLHM

Topic: Airport Mixed Use Flight Operations
Dissimilar Aircraft Operations Are On The Increase. Learn More – Fly Safe! Wings Credit Will Apply!

Register here.
Alternate Registration Contact: Bob Butera (530) 906-7314

Where: 1420 Flightline Drive, Zack Rockwell’s Hangar (formerly Atkin Air), Lincoln Regional Airport

Why Not Spend The Day at the Airport?
If you ever needed an excuse to spend an entire day at the airport, the LRAA and the FAASafety Team are providing that opportunity! Saturday, April 19 starts with an extended version of the monthly Lincoln Aircraft Display Day beginning at 08:00 and continuing through 15:00. At 10:30, the Lincoln Regional Aviation Association will gather for its annual Members Meeting. As usual, we don’t meet unless we eat! Lunch will begin at 12:00 (there is a suggested donation of $5.00 for non members). Join or renew your LRAA membership on the 19th, and lunch is on them! The afternoon brings a collection of varied aviators to the hangar for an enlightening discussion on the numerous types of aircraft that operate at the Lincoln Regional Airport. We’ll hear first-hand from those who ply our skies in corporate jets, helicopters, high-performance experimentals, powered parachutes, ultralights, and even those whose flight is primarily vertical … skydivers. Through understanding each aviator’s capabilities and limitations we can all learn how a system of mixed-use flight operations can be conducted safely and efficiently. This open forum will include a panel of CFI’s, and the audience will have an opportunity to ask questions of the panel.

Save with “Aircraft Display Day” Fuel Discount!
The City of Lincoln continues to support the LRAA’s “Aircraft Display Day” weekend by offering 100LL self service fuel at a discount. Beginning at 18:00 on Friday, April 18, and running through to 06:00 on Monday, April 21, look for a great discount on self-service 100LL.

Saturday Flyout

The RVators have a flyout on April 12th:

“This weekend we are headed to Livermore, Beeb’s Sports Bar and Grill. I called them and they are expecting us and looking forward to having us. I have talked to people in the past and heard that the tower people are friendly to G.A. although I have never been in there. The restaurant is on the North West side so we will be parking in the North West ramp. Tell ground that you are headed to Beeb’s. We will be meeting there at 11:30 or in the air on 122.75 hope to see you there!”

Saturday Flyout

The RVators have a flyout on April 5th:

“We are planning on Quincy again tomorrow. The weather is supposed to be improving today and it should be nice tomorrow. I called the Thunder Café and gave them a heads up this morning. We will plan on meeting on the ramp at 11:30 in Quincy or in the air on 122.75.

If for some reason we can’t get in the alternate will be Willows, hope to see you there!”