Saturday Flyout

The RVators have a flyout on December 28th:

“Hello RVers, I hope you all had a great Christmas!! This Saturday we are headed to Benton field in Redding. We will be meeting on the ramp at 11:30 or in the air on 122.75 – hope to see you there!!”

Prop Wash – Holiday dinner

The December meeting of the EAA 1541 took place at Cattlemens in Roseville. There was very little – but some important – business to reckon with. Ken introduced the new officers and board members. We have had a very successful year, due to the hard work of many, and the excellent leadership. As with any organization, the success or failure is determined by the vision of the leadership. The new leadership is determined to maintain the course and altitude set by the founding members; with a focus on serving the wants and desires of our members. They have many ideas to keep the momentum going but would like to hear suggestions from the members. They have promised to do their part as leaders but we all need to do our part. Pitch in in some way, it will be appreciated.
The main thrust of the meeting was the holiday dinner. The food and the service was second to none. I had a juicy steak that just melted in my mouth delivered on plate dressed with a steaming baked potato and tasty veggies. I did not hear one complaint about the food or service. With fifty meals to serve I think they did a phenomenal job.
The highlight of the evening was a three way tie – Santa made an appearance and delivered candy canes to everyone with a smile on their face. He also helped with the drawing and delivered gifts to the winning guests. We were also treated to an outstanding musical performance by one of our own, Danny Hull, formerly of the Doobie Brothers. He got us all in a festive mood singing along with him. The third and most important was the number of you that took the time to come during this busy time of year. All of us that put this together want to thank you for support, your smiles were all we needed to know that our work of the past year was appreciated. Thank you all and Merry Christmas, Dave.

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Words by Dave Harris

Saturday Flyout

The RVators have a flyout on December 21st:

“This Saturday we are planning on Lodi for lunch. We will be meeting on the ramp at 11:30 or in the air on 122.75. The restaurant there is very good and their chicken sandwich is awesome!! Also Ron told me that the fuel in Lincoln was $4.67 this weekend, so if you need fuel that’s the place to go!!”

Holiday dinner party deadline extension

Due to the number of requests to attend the holiday dinner from our membership and the general public, we have made arrangements with Cattlemen’s to extend the deadline for reservations. If you would like to attend, or would like to bring a friend, please contact Dave Harris by phone or email soon, as we will need to update our numbers. The menu is very broad and you choose your entree when you are seated. The dinner is $30 per person and includes the tip and a complimentary gift as well as several very nice door prizes!!

Thank you all for the support you have shown throughout the year.

Dave Harris

Saturday Flyout

The RVators have a flyout on December 12th:

“Alright lets try this one more time! This Saturday we are going to try Half Moon Bay again, the last two times it hasn’t worked out so we will try it one more time. Let’s plan on meeting on the ramp on the south end of the airport at 11:30. We will decide where we are going to eat at that time, also we will be on 122.75 en route in case you are running late. If HMB is a no go the alternative will be Lodi same time.”

Prop Wash – Christmas 2013 edition

The first year of the Lincoln EAA 1541 was very successful. Due to the hard work of founding members and the enthusiasm of the general membership. Our goal of fifty members was surpassed in the first six months and we continue to grow in numbers and in enthusiasm. At the present time we have 83 standing tall members. Each and every member brings something to the organization that strengthens the bond.

Tales of that first solo, first engine out, first ramp check, first outside loop and first VFR on top. We all have a story to share that will widen the eyes of the listener. The monthly meetings are a buzz of stories and useful information. The business part of the meeting is usually short and to the point to leave time for informative presentations.

The December meeting will be the exception. It will an evening of festive cheer, good food and camaraderie with a short business meeting to introduce the new officers. Each guest will receive a gift and a chance to win some great door prizes. If you we’re thinking of not going, you still have time to reconsider, don’t miss out on the fun. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Words by Dave Harris

Saturday Flyout

The RVators have a flyout on December 7th:

“This Saturday we are planning on heading back to Sonoma Sky Park for the $5 dollar burger. The last time we went the burgers were great and the price is right! We will be meeting there at 11:30 or in the air on 122.75.”