Dennis Strong ‘flew West’

It’s with a heavy heart that we heard that Dennis lost his long fight on Sunday. He had been ill for a long time, and had his Fairchild displayed when the Ford Trimotor was at Lincoln – that was the last time he went to the airport.

There will be a Celebration of Life on June 27th.

Later this week will have updated information on the services.

The May chapter meeting is online tomorrow

Our monthly chapter meeting will begin at 18:30 this Wednesday, May 20th. You can join online several ways:

1. Click this link:
If you have an iPad, tablet, or recent vintage laptop with a built in camera you can join with both audio and video (your choice — speaking and participating with your video not required). The first time you join a Webex online meeting your computer will prompt you to download an app that gives you sound and picture controls.

2. If you want to get the visuals from the link above, but your internet connection is slow, you can get the real time audio by calling: 408-418-9388 and then entering the meeting number (access code) on your phone’s keypad: 625 516 868 (do that in addition to clicking the link above on your computer or tablet). You can also make a comment or ask a question during the open mic parts of the meeting using your phone.

Our program this month is entitled “How much does hypoxia affect pilot performance?“, given by Dr. Dan Masys. Every pilot knows that the air gets thinner the higher you go, and every pilot knows hypoxia can affect their ability to think clearly. But how much hypoxia is needed to cause bad things to happen, and when is flying at high altitudes really no big deal? Tune in to find out. The answers may surprise you.

Hope to see you there for our “Hollywood Squares” style online get-together.

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Pics, PIREPS and Project updates needed

One of the most fun things about a face to face EAA meeting is just standing around chatting about what’s new. Since we can’t do that at present, and we know you have a smart phone in your pocket, we are going to add a new feature to the newsletter called “Pics, PIREPS and Project Updates”.

Here’s how it works: for anything of interest related to aviation that you have experienced or are currently involved with, just take a picture and text it to us along with a few words describing what’s in the picture. Working on a project? Just snap a picture of the part you are working on (or the whole project) and text it or email it with a brief description of what you’re doing. Better yet, make it a selfie of yourself and your airplane part together. Flown somewhere interesting? Saw a cool thing in the sky? Found a great price for avgas? Anything flying related that you would mention over a cup of coffee at an EAA meeting is fair game. We’ll include it in the next newsletter, which for the month of May will go to press this coming Sunday.

Why, you probably already have a great pic on your phone — just check your photo gallery and either:
1. Text it to the newsletter at 360-797-3260 (editor’s phone), or
2. Email it to

No smartphone? Then just send a note without a pic. A sentence or two will suffice.
Oh, and include your name. : )

-Dan Masys
EAA 1541 newsletter editor

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Online IMC club meeting Wednesday May 6

Our monthly IMC club will be from 7 to 8 pm this coming Wednesday, May 6. Our meeting will be conducted as a Webex teleconference, and start with a Special Topic presentation on “The Day the Music Died” — the February 1959 aircraft accident that claimed the lives of rock n roll stars Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and The Big Bopper. We will review the factors that converged to cause the accident, and that are all still causing similar kinds of accidents 61 years later. CFII Randy Sharp will lead the discussion.

Our “What Would You Do?” video scenario will put participants in a GPS circling approach that goes well until the very last minute.

All are invited to participate and receive Wings credit by registering online here. We will use the Wings registration list to send Webex invitations with a link to join the teleconference. (Please plan to register not later than 3 pm on Wednesday to get your online invitation.)

EAA Update: AirVenture 2020 Canceled

We Don’t Gamble, We Need A Sure Thing
AirVenture 2020 is officially canceled

My fellow EAA’rs. It is May here in Wisconsin, and unfortunately like many of you across the country, we are still under a stay at home order through May 26. Normally, this is the month when we start our preflight planning for EAA AirVenture Oshkosh. By this time, we should have begun ramping up our entire site in preparation for our July convention. Volunteers from across the country and world would have descended on Oshkosh. Together they would have formed work parties, our suppliers would begin start setting up tents and infrastructure. Our EAA staff would be printing wrist bands, campers guides, programs and an assortment of EAA collateral as full-on AirVenture execution begins.

But because of circumstances beyond our control, none of this can happen now. We cannot even get to the hangar so our preflight is left to watching the prog charts. While this certainly makes the ability to prepare for the event a scheduling problem, it does not preclude the bigger issue of predicting what will be the health guidelines in July. Right now, there are three phases that have been defined in Wisconsin as the recommended procedures. As I write this, we are not in Phase 1 yet. Phase 2 restricts gatherings to 50 people. Phase 3 allows for mass gathering with restrictions.

Our convention attracts EAA members not only from the U.S. but around the world. Today we cannot predict when we will be at a point that our event meets the all clear Phase 3 milestone for mass gathering with restrictions. As your leader, I see no clear path to meet our own requirements to insure the health and safety expectations our organization demands for our employees, members, volunteers, exhibitors and attendees. That includes sanitization, separation and personal protection requirements.

My conclusion is, like in any good flight planning, don’t take the risk. Therefore, I have no choice but to cancel AirVenture 2020. Together, we can come back stronger, safer and ready for AirVenture 2021 and create a memorable world class aviation event. Because of our dedicated and enthusiastic EAA members, our Association is strong. We know that at some point this storm will pass. And over the next 12 months we will continue to support all of you as we again, together, grow EAA in the Spirit of Aviation.

Jack J. Pelton
Experimental Aircraft Association
CEO and Chairman of the Board