West Coast RV Fly In – 22 October 2016, 10:00-14:00 at (O85) Benton Field

(O85) Benton Field, Redding CA

  • Van’s Aircraft, Inc. on the field with demonstrator aircraft
  • Parking marshaller’s providing aircraft direction and parking assistance
  • Pancake Breakfast for early arrivals at the airport cafe (07:00-10:00) ($8)
  • Aerial Scenic Tours (Loose formation flights in trail) 10:00 and 14:00 of Shasta Lake, Trinity Alps, and Whiskeytown Lake led by Rex Daniels in his RV8
  • Discounted fuel for RVers
  • Shady Hangar to relax in, Mini Golf, and Cornhole at the Benton Air Center FBO
  • Hangar Lunch 11:00-14:00 $8
  • RV’s under construction on display
  • When to permanently retire engine components – examples displayed all pulled from flying RV’s
  • Dinner and a Movie (Dawn Patrol) 19:00 for any stay overs — Discounted Hotel and Shuttle Available, call 530-241-4204 for details

The event is sponsored by RV members of EAA Chapter 157 and the new Benton Air Center FBO.

Information also here.

Membership Meeting on Oct 19th

Join your fellow members on Wednesday evening for dinner (18:00), a short business meeting (18:30) and our featured presentation – Marty Maisel will present ‘Hollywood and Aviation’, and some lesser known aviation background on a number of the Hollywood folks.

How to Get Your ADS-B Rebate

Aircraft owners – Are you interested in the FAA’s ADS-B rebate? If your aircraft is eligible (U.S. registered, fixed-wing, single-engine piston aircraft), you must then complete the following steps:

  • Decide: Purchase TSO-certified avionics and schedule the installation on your eligible aircraft.
  • Reserve: Before installation, use the FAA’s ADS-B Rebate website to submit a rebate reservation for your eligible aircraft. You will receive a Rebate Reservation Code.
  • Install: TSO-certified ADS-B avionics are installed on your eligible aircraft (step 2 must have been completed).
  • Fly & Validate: You must fly your aircraft in “rule airspace” (e.g., Class B or C, Class E above 10,000 feet) as defined in 14 CFR 91.225 for a minimum of 30 minutes, with at least 10 aggregate minutes of maneuvering, within 60 days of the installation date in Step 3. One hour or more after your flight, you must validate the performance of your eligible aircraft’s ADS-B installation by requesting a Public Performance Report, available on the FAA’s ADS-B Rebate website. After a successful validation, you will receive an Incentive Code.
  • Claim: Visit the ADS-B Rebate website and submit your Rebate Reservation Code from Step 2, and your Incentive Code from Step 4, within 60 days of the scheduled installation date to claim your rebate.