Online IMC club meeting this coming Wednesday

Our July IMC club will be an online Webex from 19:00 to 20:00. this coming Wednesday, July 1st. Our special topic will be a discussion of the issues of transitioning from round gauges to glass cockpit automation. We will also have a ‘What Would You Do?” video scenario.

FAA Wings credit is available by registering here and all are invited to participate.

You can use this Webex link to join the meeting, and it’ll be sent out again to email subscribers on Wednesday morning.

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Need a pilot and aircraft to fly Boy Scouts, 7/8

George Harden is assisting several Boy Scouts to get their Aviation merit badge. The Boy Scouts need to fly in an airplane for a short flight, similar to a Young Eagles flight. George has 17 kids signed up, and needs one additional pilot with an airplane. The date is July 8th, and we will meet at the gazebo at 09:00.

We should easily be done flying by 10:00. The kids will all be wearing masks.

Let Bruce Estes know if you’re able to help out.

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Online June chapter meeting this coming Wednesday, June 17th

Our online chapter meeting will begin at 7 p.m. this coming Wednesday 6/17. The theme of this month’s meeting is “Celebrating the Achievements of our Chapter’s Student Members

EAA chapter 1541’s student members have been productively engaged during the unusual times we are all experiencing.

Amy Whelan will lead off our June online program with a presentation on her Ray Scholarship flight training and private pilot practical test experience.

The second feature of our monthly program will be chapter 1541’s youthful “Sim Team” – Anthony Moreno, and Hannah and Kevin Treehan. They completed the FlightSim One simulator pod and its computerized contents in mid-March, just as the chapter had to pause its face to face meetings. The team is now busily at work and will give an update report on FlightSim Two, a full motion flight simulator that is a true research and development project.

Our program will also include a brief video from EAA national that talks about plans for an online Aviation Week that will replace AirVenture Oshkosh, and a Homebuilder Hint on how to fix loose headset jacks.

This Webex teleconference will begin at 19:00 on Wednesday, June 17.

To join on Wednesday, at the appointed hour you can just click here.

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EAA1541’s Ray Aviation Scholar, Amy Whelan, has passed her Private Pilot checkride.

Amy Whelan, who started out as a Young Eagle, went to Oshkosh as a recipient of our Air Academy sponsorship, and won a coveted Ray Aviation Scholarship, passed her Private Pilot checkride on June 6th.

Amy thanks the entire chapter, but especially her instructor Randy Sharp and Bruce Robinson for the use of his Cessna 150. Amy would also like to thank the Ray Foundation for their financial support, the EAA and Lightspeed Aviation.

Amy will be soon be studying Aeronautical Science at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Florida.

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IMC club this Wednesday evening

Our monthly IMC club meeting will be from 19:00 to 20:00 this coming Wednesday, June 3rd. The special topic this month will be led by CFII Scott Thompson, and review a 2015 flight from the Bay Area over the central valley by a non-instrument-rated pilot who encountered worse than forecast weather. ATC tried to help by offering an IFR clearance, which the pilot accepted, but could not fly.

This month, instead of our two step registration process involving the FAA Wings website, we will be sending out an all-hands invitation for this Webex online meeting on Wednesday morning, the day of the meeting. That invitation message will have a button in it to click to join the teleconference. All are invited to participate.

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