IMC/VMC club on its new day of Thursday this week

IMC/VMC club will move to its new day of Thursday, still starting at 7 pm. This coming Thursday, Dec. 2nd the IMC club portion of the program will be a tutorial on how to read and interpret each of the elements of an IFR approach chart. The VMC club portion will be a “What Would You Do?” scenario where there are blue skies everywhere but too much snow on the ground the day after a winter storm.

FAA Wings credit is available for this program by registering here.

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Private Pilot Bucket List

Topic: You just got your pilot’s license, what can you do now? What are some cool places you can go? How do you operate safe?
On Saturday, December 4, 2021 at 12:00 Pacific Standard Time (13:00 MST, 14:00 CST, 15:00 EST, 10:00 HST, 11:00 AKST, 13:00 Arizona, 20:00 GMT)

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Congratulations, you’ve earned the coveted Private Pilot License. You undoubtedly have a long list of things you want to do and places you want to go.

There are so many reasons to fly and so many great flying challenges that await us, it’s a shame some pilots rarely push themselves beyond a $100 hamburger flight. Join CFI Herb Patten as he shares best practices after obtaining your license, unique nearby destinations, trip planning considerations, and opportunities to expand your skills as a newly certificated pilot.

Join us for this exciting discussion that will give you new, fun ideas for ways to use your pilot skills and share the wonder of California with your family and friends.

Herb Patten is the Chief Pilot at the San Carlos Flight Center, a CFI and an FAA certificated advanced and instrument ground instructor who teaches private pilot ground school at San Carlos Flight Center. He is a commercial pilot with an instrument rating, has flown over 1,500 hours into at least 120 different California airports. He is the current chairman of the Upwind Foundation, famous for its Upwind Summer Scholarship Program. In 2015, Herb was named a Master Instructor by the National Association of Flight Instructors.

To view further details and registration information for this webinar, click here.

Winter Flying

Topic: Flying in the winter often means colder temperatures, different weather patterns, and more. Join us to be more aware.
On Wednesday, December 1, 2021 at 19:00 Pacific Standard Time (20:00 MST, 21:00 CST, 22:00 EST, 17:00 HST, 18:00 AKST, 20:00 Arizona, 03:00 GMT)

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For pilots that learn to fly in states like California, Arizona, or Florida, flying on days when weather is below freezing may never occur. While this might not be a topic you expect to experience, you may one day fly a winter cross country to somewhere like Colorado or Montana to make the most of the improved performance that comes with cold weather.

San Carlos Flight Center invites CFI Lukasz Zoromski to share his experiences with winter flying in Wisconsin, his home state. In this seminar, he will discuss pre-flight planning and procedures that you may need to perform during the winter, such as careful consideration of the freezing level and how to properly remove frost and ice from your aircraft. He will also go over how to keep you and your passengers safe and comfortable in the cockpit during flight, and how to respond to potential in-flight emergencies related to icing. Finally, he will discuss the additional steps that must be taken after your flight to ensure that your airplane is ready to go for the next winter flight.

If you are looking to be more prepared on your next winter flight, don’t miss out on this seminar.

Lukasz Zoromski has always been interested in aviation. Ever since going to Oshkosh Airventure as a kid, he got hooked on airplanes. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin, he decided to make a career change away from a desk job and began flying with a goal to become a flight instructor. Now that he has achieved that goal, he strives to help new pilots achieve the same goals in a safe and fun way.

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IMC/ VMC Club Meeting ( ONLINE ONLY ) Lincoln EAA 1541

Topic: IMC Topics Are Taken From Real Life Events and Discussed to Aid the Decision Making Process for Pilots.
On Thursday, December 2, 2021 at 19:00 Pacific Standard Time (20:00 MST, 21:00 CST, 22:00 EST, 17:00 HST, 18:00 AKST, 20:00 Arizona, 03:00 GMT)

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This is an audience participation event. After a brief Audio/Video presentation we ask “What Would You Do”? Everyone is encouraged to join in the discussion. Videos depicting actual flights that encountered challenges are chosen from a library provided by EAA . Pilots of all skill levels are encouraged to attend. Click the link below for more information and to register TODAY.

To view further details and registration information for this webinar, click here.

The Lincoln Regional Display Day is this Saturday, November 20th

The Lincoln Regional Airport Display Day will be held this Saturday, November 20th, 0800 to 1200, at KLHM. The weather is going to be cloudy with some sun and 63 degrees. Another perfect day to dust off your flying machine and bring it out to the display ramp. The display day crew will have a hot cup waiting for you at the Karl Harder Memorial Gazebo.

For your “Aircraft of Historical Significance” to earn a display day, it must be displayed for a four hour period, so our display day begins at 0800 and ends at 1200 hours at LHM. So dust off your bird, bring it out for display, and don’t forget to get your paperwork signed.

The Display Day effort continues to need your help. Without it they are going to have to shut it down at the end of the year. So if you would like to see it continue, they need volunteers and coordinator team members to help run it.

Please consider helping (especially those who directly benefit from the tax exemption).

They will be talking to attendees this weekend to answer any questions you might have. It’s actually fun and easy to do, so don’t be shy, give it a try!

November chapter meeting on Wednesday 17th

Our monthly chapter meeting for November will be this Wednesday, November 17th. Our program will be a continuation of “Rocket Month” that began with Paul Dye’s presentation about the space shuttle program. This week chapter member Rob Burmeister will present “Hiding in plain Sight: the Titans under our feet”, the story of the intercontinental ballistic missiles housed in underground silos in Lincoln during the Cold War. (Hint: the silos are still there.)

Rob writes: “Curious of some strange geometrical shapes on the ground, I found more than I bargained for. A little-known place with an outsized role in history lies under our feet and most likely under your wings. Follow along as I reveal some startling facts and photos of Lincoln’s important role during the depths of the Cold War.”

The online meeting will begin with our Hangar Chat time at 6:40 pm on Wed. 11/17. The main meeting begins at 7:00 pm. You can join by clicking here.

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+1 669 900 9128 US (San Jose)
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Meeting ID: 831 2644 2719
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NAFI – Understanding Stalls and Spins with Brian Schiff

Topic: Mark King And Brian Schiff Will Answer This Question And Address The Myths, Tales, And Untruths Regarding Stalls And Spins.
On Wednesday, November 17, 2021 at 19:00 Central Standard Time (17:00 PST, 18:00 MST, 20:00 EST, 15:00 HST, 16:00 AKST, 18:00 Arizona, 01:00 GMT)

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“What causes the airplane to spin?” Many high-time professional pilots and flight instructor applicants typically answer, “One wing is stalled more than another.” While that’s a great answer, how do we stall one wing more than another? The response usually includes a blank stare.

Mark King and Brian Schiff will answer this question and address the myths, tales, and untruths regarding stalls and spins.

To view further details and registration information for this webinar, click here.