Member dues… due

It’s December and that means that it’s time again to pay the 2021 chapter dues, as we renew our chapter membership and insurance with the national organization.

Individual renewals are just $20 and family memberships (2 or more people) are $30.

We also have a Gold membership that supports our hangar expense at $300.

  • The gold membership perk is that all meals in the hangar are no-cost (once we resume in person meetings) and the member gets a gold badge to signify their added support of our chapter.

Dues can be paid by cash, PayPal, or check . Our mailing address is:
Lincoln EAA 1541,
P.O. Box 1126,
CA. 95648.

Our chapter Secretary/Treasurer reports info on our income vs expenses for 2020.

Our bank balance as of December is $27,681, however $3,540 is for Hannah’s Ray scholarship and $14,000 is in the Richard & Susan Bristow scholarship fund (these are all donations.)

Donations this year totaled $9,200, due to the efforts and time consuming work by Bruce Estes (thanks Bruce!)

We also did not have the $4,200 expense of sending 2 youth members to the Oshkosh Air Camp in 2020.

The summary below is of the major items and are not the totals of income or expenses.

We just about break even on our breakfast and lunch costs vs charges, once we resume in person meetings.

124 members $2,900 (combo of individual and family)
12 gold members $3,600
1 hangar space $3,000 (rental space for 1 aircraft)
Donations $9,200 (Burkhead and Wright)
total income $18,700
Regular expenses
Hangar rent $7,500
EAA national $683
Hangar insurance $800
Web site, P.O. Box $315
Young Eagles & Fun Days $0 (COVID restrictions)
Sub-total $9,298
Other expenses
Oshkosh Sponsorships $0 (deferred to 2021)
Hangar improvements $500
Sub-total $500

Our approximate total expenses are $9,798 (note that without the donations, our expenses exceed our income.)

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Gold membership update

EAA 1541 has started a Gold Membership program to help with the purchase of a club hangar. It includes a free annual membership, free BBQ dinners and pancake breakfasts, a new gold membership badge identifying you as a Gold Member sponsor, an EAA 1541 T shirt, your name on the Gold Member board in the hangar and a tax write off….. we may be missing something else.

For an annual $300.00 donation (or $280.00 if you have already paid your 2016 dues) you will be a part of an elite group of members who are going above and beyond to help support the chapter.

The following people have paid for the 2016 year:

  • Ron Wright
  • Bruce Estes
  • Ken Schwartz
  • Jim Hughes
  • Dick Rupe
  • Jack White
  • George Hart
  • Tom Lieb
  • Tom Folkerts
  • Dug Smith
  • Frank Burkhead
  • Dennis Coulter
  • Ernest Brock
  • Richard Bristow

Thank you for supporting this worthy cause! Come to the Wednesday meeting and get your free BBQ!

For those of you that have committed to this program or want to commit to this program and have not paid yet please come see us Wednesday and join the Gold Membership status.

We will have new Gold Membership name badge cards for you to fill out so we can get your new badges made!

Tri-Motor Meeting

trimotor We had a great kick-off meeting with about 18 members showing up.

The meeting was to ID most of the concerns and committees that we will need, and some most excellent thoughts were brought forth! It is quite obvious that this is not your normal PTA or PAC – this is about the one passion that we all have in common. The best part is, we’re just getting started!

Understandably, not everyone can participate at the same level. We would, however, love to add to the Sign Up List. That doesn’t mean that you will be tapped on the shoulder to head up a committee, it only means that you can have an opportunity to bring your ideas to the group. Or that, when the BIG EVENT happens, you will fully understand what needs to be done.

Let’s face it. You’re going to be at the airport anyway, to see that fine piece of history – you know you are! The chapter could sure use your help.

It is truly exciting to see this level of commitment, and to see how knowledgeable and connected individuals rise to the need.

The list of committee heads is far from complete, and we really must get the ball rolling. The EAA has a well-defined overview of how to handle this, but it really is just a minimum. With the level of commitment we are seeing, we hope to rise far above the minimum. So far that, next year, EAA calls US to ask if we want to sponsor another plane, like, maybe the B-25 or the B-24? How great would that be?!

As we work to get this going, we have decided that we need a few meetings close together, then we can loosen the schedule. Next Wednesday is our normal Board Meeting at Pizza Roundup, at 18:30. We will have a ‘pre-meeting’ for the Tri-Motor at 17:30. Again, all are invited, and you don’t have to stay for the Board Meeting, although you would be welcomed.

Please take another look at the ‘Ideas’ sheet. Feel free to make comments. We have committee chairmen for a couple of the items. Last minute additions to this list were a suggestion to involve the Boy Scouts, possibly as parking or public safety assistants, and to link up with the City of Lincoln. Tim Devine has already volunteered to work with the city.

Please keep the good ideas coming, and try to make next week’s meeting.