April Board of Directors meeting on Wednesday

The April Board of Directors meeting takes place on Wednesday 4th. It will be at the House of Pizza, 2270 Nicolaus Rd., Lincoln… dinner at 18:00, meeting at 18:30. All members are invited.


18:00: Food and Stuff
18:30: Meeting Start

  • Financial Report/Membership Report/Minutes (Jim)
  • Upcoming Calendar Review (attached, Scott)
  • Old Business
    • Young Eagles Rally for May 12: planning update (Scott)
    • Young Eagles Rally for April 8: update (Scott)
    • Youth Ground School Scholarship Update (Cherish)
    • Permanent Scholarship Committee: seeking members
    • Chapter Open Hangar: planning update (Scott)
    • Food Committee discussion
    • LRAA display day pancake breakfast starting in May
    • We need volunteer support, planning
    • Hangar upgrade update (Rubin)
    • April member meeting: at hangar (cancel Old Spaghetti)?? (Scott)
    • New member welcome packages (John)
    • Airport Entrance signage
  • New Business
    • Programs needed for April and May member meetings: ideas??
    • Other new business

20:30: Meeting over

Saturday, March 31: Hangar Work Party

We are planning a Saturday, March 31 Hangar Work Party. Parties are always fun and this one will should be also. We will begin at 09:00 for a morning of cleaning, clearing, and improvements to the chapter hangar. On the agenda: some water sealing activities, some floor preparation for sealing, some cleaning work, and maybe even some surprises. Because all parties need food, expect some pizza at pizza time. Spend an hour or spend the day, we want to make our space a bit better. Come love your EAA hangar.

VMC-IMC Seminar

VMC-IMC Seminar
Topic: VMC-IMC club
On Tuesday, April 3, 2018 at 19:00 Pacific Daylight Time
EAA Chapter 512 Quonset-Hangar
3483 Airport Rd
Placerville, CA 95667

Select Number:

This an audience participation event. After a brief Audio / Vider presentation and we ask “What would you do”? Every one is asked to join in the discussion.

To view further details and registration information for this seminar, click here.

Volunteer Opportunities

In the course of running events for the chapter, we can always use volunteer help.

Right now we are in special need of a few individuals who want to help us cook our pancake breakfasts and BBQ lunches. It doesn’t take too much time on a Saturday morning or Wednesday evening to help, and the more people we have available to cook the easier it is on everyone.

We also hope to offer a pancake breakfast in conjunction with the LRAA display day starting in May, so we’ll need some more hands, and there’s ample time to practice!

For anyone who’s interested, we are cooking a BBQ lunch tomorrow, Saturday, after 11:00. If you want to see what is involved, come to the EAA hangar at about 10:00 or so as we start the food prep and fire up the BBQ.

Pilot Registration for the Young Eagle Rally for May 12

We are setting up a Young Eagles registration online process using EAA endorsed software named Flight Squid. This allows both pilots and Young Eagles to sign up online and completes much of the required Young Eagle paperwork in a seamless process.

This is our first attempt at this but I am requesting that each pilot who plans on participating as a Young Eagles pilot on May 12 to register for the event ASAP using this link.

Use the event code “1541” to register.

You will create an account with Flight Squid with your own password, which you will want to remember.

You’ll need to have your EAA member number to complete the sign up process, and it will also ask you to enter aircraft information. You will only need to do this once – when we have future Young Eagle events and you participate, then that information will be automatically be entered when you register for those events.

If your plans change, it’s a simple process for you to log in again and delete your registration for any event.

Please provide any feedback as we are interested in your experiences with the process.

We will create a Young Eagles participant signup after we see how this process works for pilots.

If you have not yet completed the process to be a Young Eagles pilot or you are out of date (more than three years since completion), then please go to the EAA website and complete that process before trying to signup on Flight Squid.

Saturday March 24: Good Stuff

Come on out to the airport on Saturday, March 24, for an informative, appetite-satisfying, and entertaining day. The informative part is an FAA Safety Seminar to be held at the Lincoln Skyways Upholstery Shop, Hangar 1850 beginning at 10:00. This is not a Chapter 1541 event but the topic is Traffic Pattern Operations at Lincoln Regional Airport, something all our KLHM pilots could benefit from so we can all get on the same page. Seminar is presented by Patrice Gaumer. Details and registration.

Afterwards, come over to our EAA hangar for a BBQ Lunch and the movie “Flight of the Phoenix“. We start serving at 11:00 but will be grilling until 12:00.

Wednesday March 21st – Monthly Member Meeting

The March meeting will be held at Cattlemens Restaurant, 2000 Taylor Road, Roseville.

The optional dinner starts at 18:00, with a short business meeting at about 18:45. At 19:00 or so, we’ll hear a presentation from James
Bonner from the Beale Campus of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

James will be presenting on the subject of Creating Lift: Developing America’s Aviation and Aerospace Workforce. He will share an education and training model that has been implemented in Northern California’s Yuba/Sutter region. The integrated approach presented combines our local education, manufacturing, aviation, and political resources to create career opportunities that will positively impact our world for generations to come.

In addition to the normal member meeting, the leadership of the chapter is requesting a vote from the members on a proposal for some hangar improvements for our chapter hangar at the Lincoln Airport. The chapter board of directors has reviewed a proposal developed, at my request, by one of our board members, Rubin Wallin. Rubin has done similar improvements in his own hangar and is quite familiar with the scope of this project.

The proposal, if adopted, would allow the chapter to purchase and install modular shelving and storage units for the back wall of the hangar. This installation would allow a much better use of the hangar space, organize the various items we have in the hangar, and provide a more attractive environment for our various events. It would incorporate our growing chapter library of books and videos, the refrigerators (currently on the side wall of the hangar), provide off-the ground storage for tables and chairs and other chapter equipment, and generally allow for a reorganization of the hangar. The modular units would be installed as part of a single design effort so everything would match and work together.

Our proposal uses some of the funds originally raised for the purchase of the hangar. Since a decision was made last year not to buy the hangar, the board feels that some of the funds should be used to make the hangar we are now renting into a better chapter home. The board anticipates this hangar will be our home for many years into the future. The storage units are modular, so they could be moved at a later date to another location if needed. The request is to spend up to $5,000 of existing chapter funds on this hangar improvement. We think the cost of the modular units will come in substantially below this amount but want to have a maximum amount approved prior to starting the project. The cost estimate is for materials only; all labor will be provided on a volunteer basis by chapter members.

The board reviewed the tentative plans and have voted to recommend we proceed forward with the proposal. Our chapter bylaws require that the chapter membership also approve this proposal before spending the funds, and this vote will be conducted at the Wednesday member meeting.

We have some additional plans that will seal the base of the hangar from water leaks and also paint the hangar floor. We will work in conjunction with the hangar owner to coordinate these items. Other improvements in our audio-visual setup may be undertaken in the future but that will be considered at a later time.

Please bring any questions or comments forward at the member meeting.

For those ordering dinner, we will order off a special menu with included non-alcoholic beverage and pay $21.65 including tax and gratuity. Guests are encouraged and welcomed.

RIP Peter Requa

Brent Smith regrets to inform us that Peter “flew west” after losing his year-long battle with kidney cancer that had spread to his lungs and brain. Fortunately, Pete’s three children, their spouses and several grandchildren were able to say goodbye and comfort his widow, Diana.

A memorial service for Peter Requa will be held on Wednesday, March 14 (2 days from now), at 13:00 at Shepherd of the Sierra Presbyterian Church, 5400 Barton Road, Loomis. All of Pete’s flying friends are welcome and encouraged to attend.

March Board of Directors meeting on Wednesday

The March Board of Directors meeting takes place on Wednesday 14th. It will be at the House of Pizza, 2270 Nicolaus Rd., Lincoln… dinner at 18:00, meeting at 18:30. All members are invited.

18:00: Food and Stuff
18:30: Meeting Start

  1. Financial Report/Membership Report (Jim)
  2. Minutes from February Meeting (Jim)
  3. Upcoming Calendar Review (Scott)
  4. Old Business
    • Youth Scholarship Proposal: Discussion and vote (Cherish)
    • Chapter Open Hangar: planning update (Scott)
    • Young Eagles Rally for May 12: planning update (Scott)
    • Hangar upgrade proposal discussion and possible vote (Rubin)
    • Lending Library update (Erika)
    • April member meeting: at hangar (cancel Old Spaghetti)?? (Scott)
  5. New Business
    • Designated fund for scholarships: proposal and vote
    • Creation of permanent Scholarship Committee
      • Youth Ground School Scholarships
      • Flight Training Scholarships
      • Aviation Camp for Summer 2019
    • Chapter Young Eagles Rally on Sunday, April 15 (closed event; John Tate Boy Scouts)
    • Rethink LRAA display day pancake breakfast starting in May? Scholarship funding?
    • Hangar work day on March 31
    • Airport entrance signage
    • New member welcome packages
    • Report by Scott on leadership training
    • Social Media coordinator
    • Scott meeting with Jennifer Hanson (city of Lincoln) on Friday
    • Other New Business

20:30: Meeting over

Traffic Pattern Operations at Lincoln Regional Airport (KLHM)

Traffic Pattern Operations at Lincoln Regional Airport (KLHM)
Topic: A detailed look at safe Traffic Pattern Operations at the Lincoln Regional Airport
On Saturday, March 24, 2018 at 10:00 Pacific Daylight Time
Lincoln Skyways Upholstery Shop
Flightline Blvd
Hangar 1850
Lincoln, CA 95648

Select Number:

Over the last 12-16 months, traffic at KLHM has increased. Also, the nature of the traffic has become more diverse. We see aircraft coming in and out, VFR and IFR flight training, parachute jumping, glider traffic, powered parachutes, helicopters, gyroplane, hot air ballons, and no-radio aircraft…

At this event we’ll take a look at the “facts” as well as recommended procedures that will keep us safe:

– Regulations governing traffic pattern at non-towered airport

– What is a left-turn only traffic pattern exactly ?

– Safe and unsafe practices

– open discussion

To view further details and registration information for this seminar, click here.