Prop Wash – Volume 4 April 2013

Friday night at the movies could have been better only if you were there. There was plenty of popcorn, hot dogs, soft drinks, and braggin’ and lyin’ going on, just not enough listeners. We thought Robert Redford would be a big draw for some and Waldo Pepper would bring in the aviator crowd. As it turned out most came for the food and drink and camaraderie. We had to blink the lights several times to get the crowd to settle down to enjoy the movie.

We had only one attendee fly in; August and his brave wife flew a Cessna 150 all the way from Executive Airport. They were on their second date, after being married for thirty years. It put some spark in the relationship. Halfway through the movie they got up and moved to the back row. Does a 150 have a backseat? There were other couples that reminded me why we took our dates to the movies. A movie is always more enjoyable when you can sit close and share a popcorn with a soul mate.

The weather was perfect, the sun set just in time to bring on the dark. There were no mosquitoes, just an occasional moth that fluttered through the projector light. There were a few who lingered after the movie to see if their name showed up in the credits as one of the stunt men. As for me, during the movie, just as in real life, there were moments during the stunt flying scenes when I just closed my eyes and thought happy thoughts. Another successful flight, this time not from the right seat, but from the back seat.

Words by Dave Harris

Saturday flyout

The RVators have a flyout:

Date/Time: Saturday, April 27, 2013, 11:30 AM to 2 PM
Arrival Time: 11:00 AM
Location: Columbia Ca
Notes: Sorry ! Shelter Cove Cancelled again! Fog along the Nor Cal Coast
New Fly-Out to Columbia Ca
Lunch at Patty’s Shack 209-532-2438
Meet on the ramp by 11:30 Walk to Patty’s Shack

Prop Wash – Volume 3 April 2013

Clear skies and reports of good weather for the next twelve hours seemed like a good time to fly to Yreka to visit our daughter.
We opened the hanger door the propeller cast a shadow in the form of a smile just under the nose.  It reminded me of bird about to take its first flight, clinging to the edge of the nest wings stretched waiting for a rush of air to lift off.
With a fresh annual and new tires it seemed glide over the yellow stripe that guided to run up area.  The pilot did an extensive pre-flight to be sure all the nuts and bolts were secure and proper.  The fresh oil in the engine forced the oil pressure to the upper edge of the green arch as the engine races at ninety percent of full power for a run-up check.  The locked wheels strain to hold the Cessna in place as the vital functions are checked.  The prop wash flattens the tall grass and strips the cat tails behind us as the wings create lift and rock from side to side eager to take flight.  With all the pre-flight checks done and lights all green, we ease up to the hold short line.  After a check of any traffic and a radio call we roll to the runway.  A final check of the instruments and the pilot gently pushes the throttle to the firewall .  The thrust of the engine tries to twist the 172 off the center line. With some cross control we lift off in just seconds.  It felt like a rubber band stretched past it’s limit, and we were free of gravity rocketing skyward.
The Sutter Buttes passed under the right wing and I was able to get some good photographs with my new Go Pro camera mounted on the landing gear.  As we headed north, Mount Shasta directly in the smear of the propeller and Mount Lassen off the right wing tip, the view off the left wing was of more interest.  A huge cloud bank obscuring the Cascade Mountains came as a surprise to both the pilot and the passenger.  We both heard the weather and it was for clear skies all around and all day.  Past experience taught us now to rely completely on the weather service as things can change quickly.  So we made the decision to return to our home port and make the trip to Yreka on another day.
We flew across mid field to check wind and traffic, the wind was favoring runway 33 and there were no aircraft on the ground or in the air.  We came around and flew a left pattern for 33.  By the time we made the turn on final approach the wind had changed to a crosswind from the west.  By the time we touched down the crosswind was severe and I am sure we landed on one wheel with the wingtip nearly touching the pavement.  We made it to the hangar shoved the Cessna in its roost just as the rain began to fall. By the time we got the doors closed, it sounded like bullets hitting the tin roof. Another successful flight due to good judgment.

Words by Dave Harris

Prop Wash – Volume 2 April 2013

The gourmet cook outdid himself in spite of gusty winds and demands from hungry patrons, the hamburgers were cooked to a juicy delight.  Mouthwatering tube steaks and fixings that would delight a king.  There was plenty for all and a few hamburger patties leftover.  Everyone was offered seconds on the food we all enjoyed a fine meal.
Dick Rupe gave a presentation on fasteners and tools used in building airplanes

We greatly appreciate the use of Richard’s hangar thank you.


Words by Dave Harris

April membership meeting

Fellow flyers:

The weather’s warm and the sky is clear, so this is the time for our Lincoln EAA to hold the first BBQ dinner prior to our Chapter meeting. We will have charbroiled hamburgers and hot dogs cooked on a state-of-the-art grill, by a master chef, with all the fixings for just $5 per person. Dinner will be at 6:00 pm just prior to our meeting. This month’s dinner and meeting will be held in hangar T-5.

We have limited dinners so please RSVP to ensure one of them ends up on your plate!

Our meeting will start at 7:00 pm and will be another informative meeting with information you won’t want to miss!

See you there….

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013
At LHM in hangar T-5 (far north end hangars)
Dinner at 6:00 pm
Meeting at 7:00 pm

RSVP by replying to the member email or you can call Dave at 284-3321 or Ken at 335-1101.

Saturday March 6th Flyout

The RVators have cancelled the fly out to Shelter Cove due to the weather, but will go to Auburn if the weather’s better than forecast:

“Sorry , but the weather for Sat does not look reliable for the northern coast. I have moved the Fly -Out to Shelter Cove (0Q5) to 4/20/2013!
If the weather this Sat looks flyable we will meet at Wings in Auburn (KAUN) meet on the ramp at 11:30 the restaurant is expecting us!”

Movie Night?

The board members took Laura’s suggestion and put on a movie night as a test. Board members were treated to A Night At The Movies. Hot dogs, popcorn, candy and soft drinks were the backdrop for the feature presentation of Flight with Denzel Washington.

As the sun sank behind the Sutter Buttes the movie screen at the back of hangar H10 came to life. The projectionist made some final adjustments as we settled into a comfortable viewing position. The makeshift movie theater had all the comforts of the Century 21, except for heat. By the second half of the movie there was a slight chill in the air; some got jackets while others just chose to cuddle, the movie was rated R, but the audience was PG13. When the lights came on at the end of the movie we all had a better understanding of the challenges that face some in their everyday life.

The Movie Night trial went very well and I think it would be a fun thing to do for the whole club. Please voice your opinion and suggestions. We want this to be an organization that we all are glad to be a part of.