Break-in at Georgetown

There was a theft on Thursday, November 29th. The thieves broke into 5 hangars at Georgetown airport and took small tools and David Clark headsets. It seems to have been 3 people working together (one as lookout), ducking between hangars to avoid passers-by.

There is a $1,000 reward for their arrest and the recovery of the stolen items – call (530) 621-5655, case #18-10647. And be on the lookout for any great deals on small aviation tools or headsets.

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November Board meeting – Wednesday 7th

The November Board of Directors meeting takes place on Wednesday 7th. It will be at the House of Pizza, 2270 Nicolaus Rd., Lincoln… dinner at 18:00, meeting at 18:30. All members are invited.


18:00: Eat if desired
18:30: Meeting Start

  • Financial Report/Membership Report/Minutes (Jim)
    • Update on membership roll and status of overdue dues
  • Upcoming Calendar Review (attached, Scott)
  • New Business
    • Update on city and hangar situation: Bruce Estes
  • Old Business
    • Update on Hangar Work: update from Darren/Ruben
      • Audio Video: audio-video box built; set-up nearly completed
      • Chair rack
      • Electrical and other completion items
      • Fire extinguishers
    • Scholarship Program: update from Erika
      • Air Academy sponsorships
      • Other initiatives?
    • T-shirts, polo shirts, caps
      • Design decision
      • What are we making?
      • Assign the task
    • Discussion of Holiday Party for Wednesday, December 12
      • Ticket sale summary
      • Organization and schedule
      • Silent Auction update
      • Master of Ceremonies
    • Volunteers needed: program director
    • Strategic Planning: still needed; on the back-burner
  • Any Other New Business

20:30: Meeting over

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