Saturday flyout

The RVators have a flyout on July 27th:

“For those of you that are not at Oshkosh this weekend I think we will be going to the 29er diner in Petaluma, Hopefully it will be cooler there than it’s been here in the Valley,we plan on meeting on the ramp at 11:30, Hope to see you there:-)”

Saturday flyout

The RVators have a flyout on July 20th:

“This Saturday we are planning on meeting at Keith Peterson’s for the Sacramento RVators meeting in Grass Valley, His house is on the north side of the runway, when landing on 25 his house is on the right side, there will probably not be enough parking on the right side so you might want to park in the transient parking on the left and walk across the runway, just look for the RVs.”

Membership meeting on Wednesday

We are having an exciting meeting Wednesday evening at 19:00 in hanger T9. Our presenter will be Jim Hockett, and he will be talking about a project he built and flew. It is a remarkable aircraft required a master builder, engineer and machinist. We will forgo the BBQ as it was decided that the temperature in the hanger will be well over 105 degrees. We will have some cold drinks and water… hope to see you all there!

RVators flyouts

The RVators have flyouts planned:

This week (7/6) will be a short hop over to Willows (WLW). Plan on lunch at noon.

A great Fly Out is in the Planning stage for 7/12-13 for McMinnville, Oregon. Leave on Friday morning and return Sat! Visit the Evergreen Aviation Museum (home of the Spruce Goose). I know the notice is late, but we do need to know ASAP if you are going. Just as soon as Richard knows who is planning the flight I will email the hotel and car information to you!