Monthly Member Meeting Wednesday, August 21st

Our August monthly member meeting will be held at the chapter hangar at the Lincoln Airport on Wednesday evening, August 21st. We’ll start with a BBQ dinner at 18:00 with all the fixings that we can find. Expect a warm evening but we’ll keep the air moving with our new fans and hope for a cooling delta breeze…unlikely but one never knows. We will have a short business meeting that will begin at about 18:45 or so.

We’ll then have a talk from our Air Academy scholarship recipients, Amy Whelan and Sarah Wallin, about their experiences at the event.

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Fred Immen ‘flew West’

It is with deep sadness that we were told of the passing of Fred Immen. He passed away on July 13 after a bacterial staph infection took him down a week prior. During that week of bed rest, he talked often of his love of flying and how all he wanted to do was to get into his plane and fly away. He passed peacefully with his family at his side proud to be the oldest family member in recorded history (92 11/12 years). We hope his spirit is now flying free, soaring through the high heavens where there are no FAA regulations or nasty weather conditions to ground his aircraft. During his life flying was his breath and solace, a time to soar above the bounds of earth and feel free.

His daughter shared a little of his history, as he didn’t share too much with us, as was his bent.

“I was always so astounded and impressed with his aviation history and flying abilities up to the last time he flew in June. He was always humble about his experiences and accolades in the aviation field. You may only remember him as a tough old bird and not very personable, that was just his façade – he was a very intelligent, solemn man with great integrity, thorough thinking abilities and humility. But, if you got him talking, he would share his knowledge and learning experiences freely. As I have been going through his papers and work history I am finding out even more about this amazing man. We lived together for 12 years and although I got some stories out of him, there was much he never thought to brag about, though he certainly could have. When he was a young lad his mother took him to see a barnstormer; he fell in love with planes then and there. Only 17 when he joined the Navy and learned to fly in a Stearman bi-plane, he could fly before he could drive. He went on to fly a total of 39 types of aircraft! Although the war ended before he was finished his training, he was proud to have been an active serviceman on D-Day. He was given the option of continuing his full time service or to go into the reserves and receive a full ride to finish his structural engineering degree from Cornell University (he had taken a leave from college to join the war effort). He opted for the Navy reserve where he spent the next 20+ years steadily moving up to become lieutenant commander of an elite helicopter squadron. He was hired by Boeing right out of college and became one of original designers of the B52 bomber. Eventually he moved on to helicopter design. When the government approached Boeing looking for top engineers, dad was hired away to work as a civilian for the Army’s aviation sector. He was awarded several aviation awards; the one he was most proud of being the FAA’s Wright Brothers “Master Pilot” award.

“Dad was a long time member of the EAA, always joining the nearest chapter to where he lived. He so enjoyed being an active member and always looked forward to the various events: fly-ins, meetings, air shows and in particular the Young Eagles. He not only wanted his own children to love aviation, but also all children. In his quiet way he always tried to be of help and support. Thank you for welcoming him into your group and giving him a place to share and be surrounded by other aviation enthusiasts.”

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LRAA Aircraft Display Day, Saturday, August 17

LRAA Aircraft Display Day (08:00 – Noon)
EAA Pancake Breakfast (08:00 – 10:00)

Come on out on Saturday 17th to the Gazebo area at the airport between 08:00 and 10:00 for a pancake breakfast (in support of the Richard and Susan Bristow Memorial Scholarship Program) and to help support the LRAA monthly display day. Invite your friends and family to come see the airplanes on display and have breakfast to boot.

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DART seeking volunteers for training exercise this coming Saturday, August 17

The Lincoln Disaster Airlift Response Team (DART) will hold the first of two training exercises on Aug. 17 in preparation for the regional NorCal DART exercise involving the Bay Area and sister airports throughout the region that is planned for October.

When disaster strikes, DART crews can be critical in the initial hours transporting crucial supplies, personnel, and other resources to areas where roads may be inaccessible. When the Loma Prieta earthquake struck in 1989, volunteer pilots flew 300 missions from bay-area airports to Watsonville Airport, delivering over 300,000 pounds of critically needed supplies and transporting emergency officials. DART programs may only operate for the first couple of days of a disaster, but those few days can provide tremendous support for a community dealing with an earthquake, fire, flood, avalanche, mudslide, tsunami or other disaster – natural or human caused.

For a DART program to run well, its needs not just individuals familiar with aircraft and airport operations to fly the missions, but ground crews of willing participants who can help with managing, moving, and accounting for all supplies and personnel transported.

The Lincoln DART will hold a training exercise on Aug. 17 that starts with registration at 9 am, at the Lincoln Airport, Hanger 1886 D2 (Gary Patburg’s Hanger) to prepare pilot and ground crew volunteers for the jobs they will be assigned in a disaster.

Attached is a PDF file with all the forms you will need. Please download and fill out the forms as indicated and bring them with you.

Pilots please contact Steve Gorman(916) 716-6000 for further information and to register for the training.

Ground crew volunteers please download the forms you will need, fill them out and bring them with you. Please contact Bruce Robinson (916) 955-8311 if you have any questions and to register for the training.

The training, called a Table Top, will review procedures, have teams practice different tasks, and help volunteers learn the various jobs that need to be done.

On Sept. 28, DART trainees will participate in a “full equipment drill” at the Lincoln airport, actually loading planes that will fly to another local airport; Grass Valley/Nevada County airport (KGOO) then unload, reload and return, giving both ground crews and pilots the chance to practice in real time all aspects of DART response loading and tracking to transport.

The Lincoln DART goal is to be ready for the Northern California/Bay Area Regional exercise which will involve multiple planes flying from airports in the Bay Area to other DART airports scheduled for late October. The regional exercise will test communications, coordination, as well as ground and air operations. Our destination Airport will be Charles M Schwartz – Sonoma County Santa Rosa KSTS

Please register and we will see you on the 17th.


Pilots need to review and fill out the Volunteer Pilot Update, the Pilot and Aircraft Information form and the Waiver of Liability form.

Volunteers for everything else need only to fill out the Volunteer Waiver of Liability form.

IMC Club meeting Wednesday evening location change

The August meeting of the EAA Chapter 1541 IMC Club will be held tomorrow (Wednesday, August 14) from 19:00 to 20:00 at KLHM. Because of the forecast for triple digit temperatures, we will be relocating the meeting to the air conditioned Pilot Lounge in the airport administration building.

If you drive, come to Gate 2 rather than Gate 4. There is parking directly across the street from Gate 2. If you fly in, park in one of the transient spaces on the main ramp, near the fuel pumps, and walk to the Pilot Lounge.

We look forward to another lively and informative discussion based on actual flights that encountered unexpected challenges: What Would You Do?

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IMC Club Meeting Lincoln EAA 1541

Topic: IMC Topics Are Taken From Real Life Events and Discussed to Aid the Decision Making Process for Pilots.
On Wednesday, August 14, 2019 at 19:00 Pacific Daylight Time
Lincoln Regional Airport, KLHM, Hangar S-12
gate #4
hangar S-12
Lincoln, CA 95648

Select Number:

This is an audience participation event. After a brief Audio/Video presentation we ask “What Would You Do”? Everyone is encouraged to join in the discussion. Subjects are normally provided by EAA. Pilots of all skill levels are encouraged to attend. Click the link below for more information and to register TODAY.

To view further details and registration information for this seminar, click here.

August Board meeting, Saturday 10th

The August Board meeting is on Saturday 10th before lunch, so starting at 09:00.

9:00 am: Meeting Start

  • Financial Report/Membership Report/Minutes (Jim)
  • Upcoming Calendar Review for balance of 2019 (attached, Scott)
  • Old Business
    • Report on Hangar Work: update from Darren
      • Remaining work to be done to complete
        • Chair Caddy to be completed by Ruben by 9/1
        • Electrical work update
        • New shelf?
        • Hangar door repairs (rollers, anchors)
    • Planning for leadership for 2020-2021
      • Chapter officers
      • Board members
    • Airport Fun Day
      • Cooking Team:
      • Parking Team:
      • Ramp Team:
      • Display Team:
    • October Young Eagles Rally
    • 2020 Air Academy Sponsorships
      • Discussion on alternatives
      • Selection Committee
      • Application and application process
    • Holiday Party
    • 3” Logos are completed (Cheryl)
  • New Business

10:30 am: Meeting over

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