LRAA To Hold It’s Annual Members Meeting and Board Elections: Saturday, June 17

The Lincoln General Aviation Community is encouraged to attend the Lincoln Regional Aviation Association’s Annual Meeting being held in the EAA 1541 Hangar on Saturday, June17, 2017 at 10:00. This is a great time to catch up on what’s going on at your airport with respect to its operation, regulation, land development, and opportunities for your participation.

The Day begins at the Karl Harder Pavilion with an, LRAA hosted Aircraft of Historical Significance Display Day at 08:00, coffee and donuts as usual.

The general membership meeting begins in the EAA hangar (S-12) at 10:00 with registration. The meeting also includes the LRAA Board of Directors election, a FAASTeam Safety Seminar (specific program to be announced) followed by Lunch.

The LRAA is expanding it’s Board of Directors. If you are interested in getting involved with the LRAA Board, or one of its committees, please contact Bob Butera (530) 906-7314.

This is always a great event, and a good opportunity to bring our entire airport community together.

Saturday… Airfest Ramp Crew

So, for Saturday we have some specific tasks, but firstly – check-in with Jim Hughes at the gazebo, get your vest and a badge.

  • from 7am to 10 am will be the crush of display aircraft that will have to be pushed into the display area. This will take the majority of the crew.
  • We will need 2-3 folks to help with the EAA1541 pancake breakfast from 08:00 to 10:00. (We’re hoping ee we can assign 1 hr times so folks can be on the ramp, where the ‘action’ is.)
  • We will probably need 2 folks to monitor taxiway ‘D’ and ‘E’ at the south end, to guide transient aircraft to parking until 10:00 (again a 1hr assignment), then at 10:00 we may need to guard these taxiways to keep anyone from trying to taxi out to the runway.
  • We will need 2-3 folks to roam the north hangar area, and tell visitors that are parking their cars to not loiter and move immediately to the ramp area.
  • From 10:00 to 15:00 we will also be on the flight line to make sure visitors do not cross the barriers. Be prepared to answer questions.
  • After 15:00, we will help push display aircraft out of the display area to the ‘hot zone’.

We will have Dan Gillam roaming with water, soda and hopefully food.

You can take breaks at the EAA booth for chairs and shade, water.

Lastly, we need 5-6 folks on Sunday about 10:00-ish, to help take down the orange barrier, remove t-posts, and disassemble the metal fencing.

Please see Jim tomorrow if you can help.

See you all tomorrow, and thanks again for your work on the this event.

Lincoln Airfest info… display aircraft

If you are intending to display your aircraft during Airfest, please move your aircraft on Friday.

After about 07:00 on Saturday it may not be possible to move an aircraft across the ramp with all of the barriers in place.

Last call for photos

We’re going to have a booth at Airfest, and Scott is requesting photos for display.

Ideally, the photos will be fairly high resolution photos (like over 1 MB) showing members and their airplanes – just airplanes are fine, too, but having the member in the photo would fit better with the poster theme: “What Our Members are Flying.”

Mail anything you have over to Scott.

Airfest Ramp Crew

  • Thursday, June 08; 10:00 – 14:00 We will need 6-10 folks to help set up fencing and barriers, set t-posts
    Park on the ramp by the gazebo, or in the lot across from ramp 1.
  • Friday; June 09; 10:00 – 15:00 Practice Airshow for the FAA
    parking… enter gate 3. Parking between the 2 green hangars as we will on Saturday.

    • The airspace will be waivered from 11:00 to 15:00, so we will need some folks on the ramp by 10:00
      This will be a full airshow, without all the visitors, so we can fully enjoy the show
    • the airspace will be closed from about 12 noon to 3:30 pm, so we will need some crew on the taxiways to monitor any ramp aircraft.
  • Saturday, June 10;
    • arrive; morning shift arrive by 07:00 or earlier. [The airspace will close about 10:00 to about 15:30].
    • parking; enter gate 3 and park between the 2 rows of green hangars. Tell the parking folks that you are a ramp volunteer,
    • check in
      • Initially we will check in at the gazebo / fuel pump area… later, we may move this to the EAA booth.
      • You must check in, sign the roster next to your name [ we need to know who is on the ramp] pick up a vest and a badge.
    • assignments
      • most will be needed in the AM shift parking display aircraft.
      • we will also need 2 folks on taxiway ‘D’ to direct transient aircraft. This will be a 2 hr shift since it will get boring.
      • We need folks at the show line to keep visitors from crossing the barriers.
      • we need 2-3 to patrol the north hangar area, since visitors will be parking here, between the rows or hangars.
        the visitors are not allowed to loiter – they must move to the display ramp, visitors leaving will exit gate 4 [ to be verified]
    • relief;
      • expect to be on the ramp for about 4 hours. You will be relieved for a lunch/ rest/ refreshment break [ earlier if needed ]
      • lunch; I expect that the crew will get vouchers for a meal and drinks.
      • we will have 1-2 roving crew with water/ drinks.

Norcal presentation, June 24th

Come and spend some time in a session with a NorCal ATC controller during this program to be held at the EAA Hangar (S-12) on Saturday, June 24th, at 09:00 at the Lincoln Airport. Let’s take this opportunity to learn how to make interactions with our local Approach Control more efficient for both ourselves and the controllers who are working us. Are there things we as pilots can do to make the system work better for us and other users? And maybe there are things we see from our perspective that would help those on the other side of the headset make the traffic flow better for all. All are welcome but, pilots especially, bring your questions and comments for a solid exchange of information. Spread the word and bring your friends. Let’s take advantage of this opportunity. And, there will be coffee and donuts.

What do you really know about your fuel?

What do you really know about your fuel?
Topic: Aviation fuels……. what are they? How are they made? What is in them? Why should you care?
On Saturday, June 10, 2017 at 10:00 Pacific Daylight Time
EAA Chapter 157, Ounset Hut
2955 South Street
Q Hut
Redding, CA 96001

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Mr. Chris Lowery, a retired senior scientist with Hewlett-Packard in San Jose, a certificated single engine land USA aviator, a builder of his own Glass Star, a distinguished Toastmaster…. AND most importantly (to this seminar) the owner of Decalin Chemicals LLC. He currently lives in Fall River Mills and he has graciously offered to speak at the 132nd monthly safety seminar.

To view further details and registration information for this seminar, click here.